Front Runner Retail Relations is steered by CEO and industry powerhouse, Kathi Foley. Her string of successes include being the account lead with an advertising agency serving high profile clients in Toronto’s financial district in the early years of her career. She then transferred client side as the Director of Marketing for a ambitious consumer goods company, where her leadership transformed the way that industry does business. Her innovative understanding of manufacturing, shipping, branding, and merchandise strategy opened up international distribution and retail channels. Moving on from the directorship on a high note, where her latest projects resulted in her mentored products successfully taking line reviews by storm and flying off the consumer shelves, it was time for the next big entrepreneurial race.


Skill, training, and knowledge all play a part in ushering ingenious products towards retail success. Further than that, what Front Runner brings to the table is decades of rapport and trusted ties to the retail, distribution and merchandise strategy industry. Not only are these strong relationships with Canadian, American and  international retail giants a factor in our clients’ success, but they also set the tone for honest, constructive relationships with our clients as business owners and product managers.