Internal Retail & Merchandise Strategy

With a pulse on market trends and strong relationships across all levels of the industry, Front Runner helps merchandise strategists get ahead of the competition by pinpointing the next big thing in retail and can even manage relationships with new product developers. Here’s how Front Runner Retail Relations can help your company be top of consumer’s minds for the best new retail products:

Looking to claim the next product trend ahead of the stretch?

1. Jockey for Position

Our close ties across the spectrum of the consumer retail industry helps Front Runner keep ahead of industry trends. Front Runner can identify and define retail market trends that will help direct your corporate merchandise strategy goals, so you’re ready to win the next big race against your biggest retail competitors.

2. Bet on the Best

Front Runner has years of successfully pinpointing the next big thing in new product development and innovatively reimagining existing brands and product strategy. Let Front Runner choose your line’s next winning ticket item, and if necessary, we’ll guide the new product through a thorough production training and brand grooming process so they’re ready to enter your retail winners’ circle.

3.  Hold Tight The Reins

When Front Runner is agent at the retail races, we can guarantee that we’ll have a firm hold of project management including streamlining manufacturing, distribution, shipping, compliance, branding and packaging processes. We’ll also foster constructive relationships between internal retail strategists and the new or existing product developers, ensuring these ties are mutually beneficial.