New Product Development

Are you a new product developer looking to break into the distribution and retail market for the first time?

Front Runner helps producers and inventors of new products learn the ropes when it comes to successfully marketing to retailers and attracting the end consumer to your brand.  Our strong relationship ties to industry retail giants set the tone for our honest, constructive relationships with our clients.

Here’s how Front Runner Retail Relations can help you achieve retail market success:

Does your product need help getting out of the gate?

1. Product Grooming:

This stage includes a product assessment, market research, and brand equity evaluation. The goal here is to render your product professionally groomed and poised to win the retail race.

2. Getting out of the Gate:

Production and shipping efficiencies are considered. Target markets and ultimate goals are set.

3. Thoroughbred Training:
Are you prepared to represent your product at the retail races? Training begins to prepare for line review presentation and product pitch formulation begins.

4. Hold Tight the Reins:

Determine retail and distribution lines to target and get a presentation spot for their line reviews. If you’d rather play a safe bet, Front Runner can also represent your product as an agent.

5. Crossing the Finish Line:

All of our hard work has lead up to this telling moment. As your product heads into line review, you can be confident that you’ve entered the retail races as Front Runner.

6. Winner’s Circle:

You’ve gone through the exhilarating process of competing in the retail races and have brought your product to market through distribution lines and retail outlets that mutually benefit your company and your target market.

7. Keeping Your Eye on the Prize:

After your product achieves initial retail success, a smart plan for growth will be the test of endurance. Here we look at supply management strategies considering compliance and shipping requirements, including liaising with manufacturing and distribution lines. We’ll conduct sales analysis and develop evaluative goals. All the while, we’ll be fostering your company’s relationship with retail contacts, gaining that much needed rapport for when the following years’ line review comes around and it’s off to the retail races again.