Prevailing Product Management

Are you a prevailing product manager or business owner with the goal of increasing sales targets with market efficiency in mind? Our process is your best bet for auditing, analyzing, strategizing and executing to achieve your next retail goals:

Ready to raise the stakes and run with the best of them?

1. On Your Mark Audit

First we’ll define your retail situation. Your company might already have products successfully on retail shelves and you’re looking to expand your offering. Or, maybe your company’s product is not performing as well as you had hoped, and you’re looking to up the ante before the next line review comes around the track.

Once we’ve defined the retail challenge, we’ll consider all aspects of the product’s journey in order to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed and plan to execute for mutually beneficial outcomes for your company and your relationship with your retailers.

2. Off & Running Analysis & Strategy

Product Grooming: We’ll evaluate your brand equity ensuring that your product is professionally groomed and poised to win the retail race.

Getting out of the Gate: Production, manufacturing, shipping and distribution processes are analyzed for optimum efficiency. 

Good Relationship Breeding: Are your ties to retail industry strong enough to make it to the next level? We’ll examine lines of communication and indicate key factors for fostering rapport with your industry contacts across the board; from your manufacturing manager to your merchandise strategist at your retail headquarters. 

Thoroughbred Training: Do you need a fresh perspective when it comes to representing your product at the retail races?  Should new or alternative markets be explored? Training begins to identify new and existing opportunities, and preparation for line review presentations and an innovative look at your product pitch begins.

3. Photo Finish Execution

You’re about to embark on the exhilarating process of competing in the retail races as the returning favourite, and this time you’ll be reintroducing your product to market through distribution lines and retail outlets that mutually benefit your company, your retail industry relationships and your target market. After your company or product achieves your new retail goals, a smart plan for growth will be the test of endurance.